FUE hair transplantation thecnique is the most preferred method  for hair transplantation. The reason for FUE to be the most preferred is that it does not require surgery. Most important advantage of FUE hair transplantation thecnique is that there is no lancet cut, neither stiches nor scar remains on the skin. Since there is no need for surgery, it helps people to decide hair transplant more comfortable. In FUE method hairs are taken one by one from the hairy part and transplanted to the required part also one by one.

How FUE hair transplantation thecnique is Implemented?

First hair required are, donor area and greft number are decided. Patients informed about this process. Operation starts with haircut. Than local anaesthesia is applied to the areas decided for hair transplantation. Once local anaeshesia works grefts are taken one by one with pointy needle like instruments and they are placed in a solution. Than holes are opened for the grefts in the required area to be planted. This is the most important step of the operation. It rquires expertise to create a natural hair line. We are so confident on this with the reference of our satisfied clients. Than grefts are planted into these holes one by one.

What are the advantages of FUE hair transplantation thecnique?

  • Since there is neither cut nor stiches, the holes close within couple of days with no scar.
  • No need to wait between the sessions, hairs taken can be transplanted in the same session.
  • The hair grefts from the nape (donor area) are used also for beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation.
  • Patient continiues his/her normal life day after..

Hair Transplantation with FUE Thechique gives very good results with a specialist and experienced team. We arrange one on one meetings for you with out clients who preferred this method. You will feel more comfortable to decide hair transplantation once you listen to the people who went through the same process.

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