PRP Treatment

In P.R.P treatment , white blood cells and trombosites of the patient’s blood are seperated in order to create a miraculous liquid is injected to the less hairy or hairless parts of the head.

FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE ( Folliculer Unit Extraction) thecnique is the most preferred method  for hair transplantation. The reason for FUE to be the most preferred is that it does not require surgery.


Eyebrow defect may be caused by many different reasons and it seems to be an aesthetic flaw especially for women.

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      Turkey is the most preferred country for aesthetic operations ,especially hair transplantation in almost all countries around the world. Her geographical location and service quality makes her an attraction for aesthetic operations especially hair transplantation. As Tr Hair Center we always follow sicientific innovations on hair transplantation. Both on the donor area where we get the grefts and on the transplantation area we care for being %100 natural. Hair transplantation requires expertise and we know how much you care for this.

Our main pride is the satisfaction and happiness of our clients ,treated by our specialised doctors team.We are so confident that we offer you one on one meetings with our clients who have preferred us before in order to erase any doubts in your mind.
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